Jayson “Teeb” Thibault – Live Album recording
Jayson “Teeb” Thibault – Live Album recording
Friday, November 4, 2016
7 & 9pm
Jayson “Teeb” Thibault – Live Album recording

Jayson “Teeb” Thibault is a 17 year comedy vet and a born Hoosier with his heart here in Indiana. So much so that when he decided to record his debut album – he chose to do it with Let’s Comedy in The Tiger Room.

Born and raised in the state of Indiana he got his stand-up start at Ball State University where he freely admits, “the best three years of my life were my sophomore year at Ball State!” Co-host of the ESPN Punchdrunk podcast with fellows comedians Ari Shaffir and Sam Tripoli in Hollywood, Teeb is a podcast vet as well as a headlining stand up comic who you may have seen on Comedy Central.

On November 4th, “Teeb” returns to his home state to record his comedy album over two live shows… So 4 days before you vote for someone you hate…….come be a part of something cool. His new comedy album “Return to the Red State!” Recorded where else???? Live in Ft. Wayne Indiana.